★★★★★ “This generation’s Flight of The Conchords, but with bite.” – NZEP

★★★★★ “The most energetic, joyous event at the fest ”– KUWNZ

★★★★ “Go. Laugh till the tears run down your face.” – Musical Theatre Review, UK

★★★★ “Expectantly hilarious, and gloriously catchy” – NZ Herald

“Creative, explosive joy.” – The Scotsman 

“This is without a doubt, the show of the festival” – The Spinoff 

New Zealand’s most bombastic musical comedy duo, Two Hearts, are back. It’s a comeback tour! 

With a brand-new arena pop concert (not in an actual arena, it’s more of a leaky bridge temporarily converted into a small theatre), The Comeback Tour is jam-packed with more world- changing sex jams, more distractingly attractive dancers and, frankly, too much confetti. 

Two Hearts creators and stars Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore have grown a prolific following through their work on and off-screen. 

Laura can currently be seen on TV Three’s latest season of Dancing With The Stars NZ. 

Both worked on three seasons of TV3 comedy shows Funny Girls and 5 seasons of Jono & Ben and are regular writers and featured guests for panel 7 Days. Their musical collaborations have been a highlight of their work, with original songs for Jono and Ben and Funny Girls, like “Up To”, generating thousands of views online. 

In 2018, Two Hearts were nominated for the prestigious Billy T Award (both having previous solo nominations), before heading to the UK performing to sold out houses in London, and garnering critical acclaim in Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

In 2017 Two Hearts won ‘Best Comedy Show in the 2017 Dunedin Fringe Festival. 

Both are core cast members of SNORT, a hit cult weekly improvised show starring some of Australasia’s best comedians. 

Simultaneously skewering and embracing all the ridiculous trends of Top 40 pop, where artists are expected to be both super-sexy and super-woke, Two Hearts try to be everything at once. 

Daniel and Moore’s original songs cover all the hot button political, gender and social issues – with all the misguided self-belief only pop stars have. 

First review date 4 August.

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Listings Details

  • Venue: Underbelly Cowgate, Big Belly (Venue 61)
  • Time: 21:30
  • Dates: 1-11, 13-25 August
  • Previews: 1-2 August
  • Duration: 60 minutes 
  • Ticket prices: £6.50 to £11
  • Advisory: Age 16+ (strong language) 
  • Box office: www.underbelly.co.uk

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