It’s all about collaboration

Good communications are essential to success – unless you tell people about your event, festival, show, attraction or any other project they aren’t going to turn up. Getting the message out there in the right way, at the right time, takes some expertise and experience so it makes sense to work with specialists.

But SFPR believes that the best results are through teamwork and collaboration. We don’t simply want to work for our clients, we want to work with them. The difference is that it becomes a team effort because we want to understand your goals and share your commitment. That allows us to design each piece of work to suit the client and their budget.

PR and comms are an add on, they need to be baked in and started early.

We also very much value the input and ideas of clients but – perhaps unusually for our sector – will be very straightforward in letting you know if we think the approach is right or wrong. We’ll also be very clear about the fact that no matter how important it is, PR and comms are not a magic wand. They play a vital role, but need to be seen as one ingredient in the mix.


Are we Right For Each Other?

We work with a wide range of clients across the full spectrum of arts, culture and heritage.

What we enjoy most of all is supporting clients with projects that have an element of social purpose and value. We also like things that are simply interesting or fun.

A lot of our time goes into promoting arts, cultural and heritage initiatives from Scotland. 

Many of our clients are also from overseas or other parts of the UK. That’s especially true for events like the Edinburgh festivals.

Being based here and having a long track record in Edinburgh can be invaluable for groups coming in from elsewhere. 

We recommend that clients have a detailed chat before hiring an agency. Everyone needs to know and have confidence in each other.

We like to discuss what we can deliver, and what we need from you.

It’s a creative relationship and needs to have clear aims and expectations on both sides. 

That means making sure that we are a good fit for each other right from the start.