We have been involved with everything from projects to create new futures for historic buildings to arts enterprises drawing lessons from the past. It’s an area in which Matthew and Colin have broad experience, having worked closely with Historic Environment Scotland, Museums Galleries Scotland, and others.

We also have experience working on industrial heritage, archaeological, museums, literary and arts projects – like Pennies From Heaven, which used to early 20th century Galloway hydro scheme to shed light on the long-term impact of renewables.

Recovery – Tomorrow’s Heritage sector 

The value of Scotland’s heritage sector to the economy is huge – and its cultural value is immeasurable. Over the years we have helped new attractions like The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust as they were getting off the ground. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic we are available to provide PR and communications support as the heritage sector plans how to rebuild for tomorrow.

Historical Sites and Archaeology

Matthew Shelley, who has a doctorate in archaeology, has been involved in a variety of PR projects to promote major attractions – such as the refurbishment of the palace of James V at Stirling Castle.

Real Lives and compelling Tales

We love to help people rediscover past. That can mean anything from exploring the sacrifice of Indian troops on the Western Front to the history of the NHS.

Reviving Fortunes

SFPR has supported wonderful projects, such as Hugo Burge’s work to revive Marchmont House. We help by raising their profile, telling their stories and attracting potential visitors and audiences.

History to science

Many attractions are multi-faceted. We try to identify and promote all the features of an attraction. With Crawick Multiverse, that combined art, history, mythology, heritage and cosmology.