Cornet’s Lass Krystal Anderson, mounted on a white horse, is set to carry the Lockerbie Standard on a Journey for Peace

A rider on a white horse will join young people, parents and grandparents and others, carrying the flags of the nations which lost people in the Lockerbie bombing for a 30thanniversary Walk for Peace.

The hill walk is one of three linked Journey Towards Peaceevents that focus on hope, kindness and the need to end conflict.

The Walk for Peacewill include residents, farmers, those who helped during and after the tragedy, friends of Lockerbie and Tundergarth, members of the emergency services and peacemakers of all kinds. 

They will be joined by religious leaders, such as the former Moderator of the Church of Scotland Reverend Alan D McDonald, along with Catholic priests, Buddhist monks and Japanese spiritual teachers.

Cornet’s Lass Krystal Anderson, one of the area’s finest horsewomen, will meet the group at the summit of Burnswark, after riding from Tundergarth carrying the Lockerbie Standard.    

Krystal, who represented the town during the 2018 annual Lockerbie Riding of the Marches and other events, comes from one of the many local families that helped in the aftermath of the bombing.

She said:“So many people were affected by the bombing, but the community really showed how strong it is, and everybody rallied round. Ever since then people from this area have been working for peace.

“I see the ride as being a way to help spread that message of peace.”

Jan Hogarth, environmental artist working with others on the events, said:“By carrying the Lockerbie Standard on a white horse from Tundergarth to the atmospheric local landmark ofBurnswark, Krystal will symbolise the love and compassion with which these communities responded to a tragedy that affected so many families and countries.

“In the decades since the bombing the people of this area have shown people kindness and compassion”

“These events build on that positive process, bringing together people of all generations and of many backgrounds and beliefs with the common goal of spreading a message of peace and hope on earth.

“We would warmly welcome members of the public to come along to the Pilgrimage for Peace service at Tundergarth and join us the following day for a Walk for Peace.”

The walk will be led by Professor David Munro, geographer in residence at Drumlanrig Castle, who said:“In our more troubled times the landscape has a capacity to embrace us and reach into our inner souls, helping us to make sense of the world we live in. It nourishes our hearts and minds, offering us a genuine hope of peace.”

The Journey Towards Peaceevents are:

  • A Wish for Peace, 20 December: Pupils at Lockerbie School will celebrate peace and diversity in a World Peace Flag Ceremony featuring the flags of all nations and the Earth Flag. Media wishing to attend should contact Glenda Thornton or Jessica Wheeler at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary on 01387 740642.
  • Pilgrimage for Peace, 21 December: A religious service at Tundergarth Church led by Rev. McDonald and featuring music by the internationally renowned harpist Wendy Stewart. For full details contact Roy Macgregor at Tundergarth on 07850250806.
  • Walk for Peace, 22 December: Walkers will carry flags to the top of Burnswark – an ancient hillfort overlooking Lockerbie and its surrounding landscape. 

Reverend McDonald said:“Many people from different religious traditions value the concept of pilgrimage. This service will be an opportunity for people to prepare for a pilgrimage into peace.”

Journey Towards Peaceinvolves a collaboration between artists, Allanton World Peace Sanctuary, Tundergarth Church and Lockerbie Riding of the Marches.

Caroline Uchima, Director of the Allanton World Peace Sanctuary, said:“The people of Lockerbie have already demonstrated their warm, gracious and sensitive hospitality in a time of great crisis.With these healing and commemorative events, they are again setting an example to the world, that communities can move forwardpositively, and actively make a statement that peace on Earthis our biggest priorityat this moment in time.May peaceprevailon Earth.”

Wish for Peace and the Walk for Peace are being filmed by artists as part of the Journey Towards Peace environmental arts project. This aims to express the participants’ hopes for peace in the world.

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Notes for editors

  • Wish for Peace: at Lockerbie School (please note that this is a school rather than a public event). Children from Lockerbie Primary School will take part in a World Peace Flag Ceremony in the school grounds. It is a celebration of diversity carrying flags of all nations, plus the Earth flag, and placing a special emphasis on 21 nations with passengers and crew on the plane. Mike Bolam, aerial landscape photographer, will film the event from above to create images which communicate the young people’s wish for peace in the world. Lockerbie Primary School is already an international peace school. 
  • The Pilgrimage to Peace: 3pm on 21 December at Tundergarth Church. A service led by former moderator to the Church of Scotland Reverend Alan D McDonald. Alan has family connections with Dumfries and Galloway. The service will include music by internationally renowned Scottish harpist, Wendy Stewart. The church will be open to pilgrims from 1pm for tea and coffee. 
  • Walk for Peace: Public event but places need to be booked in advance. There will be transport from Tesco’s car park in Lockerbie, leaving at 10am on 22 December. Transport by bus is essential due to the single-track road (to book a place please contact [email protected]). The walk follows the age-old tradition in Scotland of taking to the hills to find peace and contemplate the future. It will be led by Professor David Munro, an explorer and geographer in residence at Drumlanrig Castle. The event will start with a walk up Burnswark with local artists and representatives from Allanton World Peace Sanctuary. The walk is for everyone including local residents, young people, friends of Lockerbie and the surrounding area, people whose lives were affected by the tragedy, interfaith groups, young people and peacemakers of all kinds. The expedition up Burnswark encourages all of us to contemplate peace and to explore this profoundly atmospheric landscape. Please bring weatherproof clothes and sensible boots/wellies. The walk up Burnswark takes around 20 minutes and is steep in places. The event will take around two hours. 
  • Picture courtesy of Willie Johnston