Two artists have set out on a voyage of creative discovery aboard – exploring the remote and beautiful coasts, islands and seas around the Inner Hebrides.

Geraldine van Heemstra will be turning the physical experience of sailing aboard the 50ft yacht Whimbrel into artworks.

She will be making wind harps (known as aeolian harps) that will respond to the sea breezes and using a device she made using driftwood, and which responds the movement of the boat and the air, to create etchings.

“It will be like trying to conduct an unruly orchestra of wind, rain and sea. A lot of my art is about our relationship with nature, and this really emphasises how it’s not something we can control, we have to collaborate, it’s very humbling,” she said.

Geraldine, who learned to sail growing up in Holland, is based in London but for the past 20 years has spent substantial amounts of time working in the Hebrides and much of her work is inspired by its wildness.

Geraldine, and fellow artist Clare Dudeney have been awarded a week’s residency aboard the Bluewater catamaran thanks to a collaboration between Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) and Whimbrel’s owners. 

The voyage began at the weekend when Whimbrel set sail from Ardfern, south of Oban, and has been funded by Marchmont House, in the Scottish Borders, as part of its wider work to nurture contemporary artists and celebration of nature, art and creativity. 

VAS are funding the travel expenses, providing in kind support with mentoring and will be showcasing the artists’ work at an exhibition afterwards.  

Clare, a qualified sailor from London, spent many years working as a climate change policy expert but retrained as an artist following a life-changing voyage to Antarctica – often using her work to focus attention on sustainability. A weaver, wood carver and painter she hopes to produce artworks that will reflect the time aboard and the experiences it brings. 

She said: “I love wilderness and I love the Scottish land and seascape, and the time I have spent visiting places and working with other artists, in places like Mull has always been an inspiration to me.

“This voyage will really allow me to feel connected to the environment – the wind and the waves and also the geology.”

Whimbrel skipper Ben Merritt knows the waters well and says the artists will have the chance to find inspiration exploring wild and seldom-visited spots on the islands of the Inner Hebrides, a relatively short hop from Oban. 

They might also get close to magnificent marine wildlife including whales and porpoises.

Sarah Calmus, VAS President, said: “VAS are excited to be partnering with Marchmont House to support artists on this exhilarating residency, particularly in what has been a hugely challenging year for creatives. I

“It’s a delight to welcome new VAS members Clare and Geraldine into our community and are excited to see what they create aboard Whimbrel. 

“We look forward to showcasing their work, alongside other selected residency artists, at our Annual Show at the Royal Scottish Academy in January 2022.”

Former tech entrepreneur and Director of Marchmont House, Hugo Burge, regularly sails on Whimbrel and felt there were superb opportunities for it as an artists’ retreat and for private charter. 

It’s an idea that builds on the work of Hugo’s team at Marchmont House, a 1750 Palladian mansion in the Borders, which they have restored and are turning into a home for artists, makers and creators that celebrates innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Hugo said: “The experience of seeing the coasts and islands of Scotland from the deck of a yacht is one of the most magical that I have ever had. 

“So it’s wonderful to be able to offer artists the chance to find inspiration aboard Whimbrel and for them to have that rare sense of freedom and inspiration from nature that comes from being at sea.”

A company called Whimbrel Ltd, managed by Ben Merritt, has been set up to realise the boat’s potential, offering a special way to see the beauty of the West Coast of Scotland. 

Whilst it is available for private hire, Marchmont House corporate guests and partners will have priority for chartering Whimbrel.

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Photo by Julie Howden.

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