A total of 87 artists and makers, including more than a dozen new participants, have been selected to take part in Spring Fling 2020 – Scotland’s premier open studio weekend. 

Studios across Dumfries and Galloway will throw their doors open to the public for the Bank Holiday Weekend of 23 to 25 May.

Spring Fling is one of the UK’s most successful contemporary visual art and craft events having attracted well over 100,000 visitors (who have made more than 300,000 studio visits) since it began in 2003.

Visitors from the UK and beyond enjoy meeting the creators of high-quality work and see their studios in country and coastal cottages, farms, converted chapels, custom-built studios and a multitude of other settings.

As ever there will be an abundance of established artists and makers as well as emerging talent. They include painters, illustrators, printmakers, ceramicists, woodworkers, jewellery makers, photographers, textile and glass artists, sculptors and photographers.

Joanna Macaulay, Assistant Director for Upland, which runs Spring Fling, said: “We’re really looking forward to welcoming visitors to this year’s Spring Fling – there’s such an exciting choice of artists and makers to meet, and so many wonderful studios in beautiful parts of the region.

“It’s a chance to make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend by visiting artists and makers as they demonstrate their work and discuss their inspirations. Plus there’s the opportunity to buy a piece of art direct from the artist. 

“Each studio is unique, every artist is different but all of them offer a fascinating insight into the inner workings of an artist’s life.”  

There will be six colour-coded routes that visitors can follow – allowing them to see a wide variety of studios in different parts of this large rural region.

Participants include the international willow artist Lizzie Farey, glassmaker Amanda Simmons, bespoke furniture maker Daniel Lacey, luxury textile designer Morag Macpherson well-known landscape artist Hazel Campbell, sculptural metal artist Adam Booth, jewellery designer Michael Pell and painter Emma Visca. There will be ceramics by the likes of renowned potter Clare Dawdry, plus the chance to visit Port William printmaker Lisa Hooper and Wigtown painter Davy Brown.  

There will also be Springbacks – people from the region who currently live elsewhere – such as ceramicist Jo Walker who is based in Fife and jewellery maker Jesse Ball from Ireland.

The Neighbours scheme provides a platform for artists and makers from adjoining areas and this year includes Gail Kelly (textile artist from Northern Ireland), painter Deborah Campbell from the Scottish Borders ceramicist Hannah Spicer from Ayrshire and mixed media artist Suzanne Stuart Davies from Cumbria.

There will also be artists who have been awarded bursaries to enable them to take part and members of the Emerge mentoring scheme, which pairs young and established artists to transfer skills and experience.   

Details of the rest of this year’s event programme will be released soon. 

Picture: Emma Visca. By Colin Hattersley.


Notes for editors 

The 2020 participants

  • Josh Williams                  Ceramics (New artist)
  • Kate Anderson                Mosaic
  • Jennie Ashmore              Mixed Media
  • Kim Ayres                      Photography
  • Maggie Ayres                  Painting, Mixed Media
  • Michael Batey                 Painting, Mixed Media
  • Ailsa Black                     Painting
  • Heather Blanchard           Painting
  • Colin Blanchard               Printmaking
  • Adam Booth                    Architectural Metal
  • Hazel Campbell               Painting 
  • Alison Corfield                 Mixed Media, Textile (New artist)
  • Catherine Coulson           Painting 
  • Clare Dawdry                  Ceramics
  • Laura Derby                    Furniture, Textile
  • Lizzie Farey                    Painting, Willow
  • Julian Francis                  Ceramics, Mixed Media
  • Jane Fraser                    Wood
  • Jo Gallant                       Textile
  • Elizabeth Gilbey              Painting 
  • Pamela Grace                 Painting, Printmaking
  • Alistair Hamilton              Photography
  • Julie Hollis                      Painting
  • Caroline Hone                 Painting, Mixed Media
  • Lisa Hooper                    Printmaking
  • Linda Irving                     Textile
  • Ruth Elizabeth Jones        Ceramics
  • Daniel Lacey                   Furniture, Wood
  • Angela Lawrence             Painting 
  • Andrew Livingston            Painting & Drawing, Mixed Media (New artist)
  • Morag Macpherson          Textile
  • Archie McCall                  Ceramics
  • Sheena McMaster            Jewellery, Silversmithing (New artist)
  • Phil McMenemy               Photography
  • Liz McQueen                  Painting (New artist)
  • Livy Nelson                     Illustration, Painting, Printmaking (New artist)
  • Heather M Nisbet             Painting 
  • Janet O’Donnell               Painting Mixed Media,Textile 
  • Michael Pell                    Jewellery, Silversmithing
  • Jay Rubinstein                Sculpture, Wood (New artist)
  • Helen Ryman                  Painting 
  • Urpu Sellar                     Ceramics
  • Philippa Sinclair               Painting, Mixed Media
  • Joanna Srokol                 Painting, Mixed Media, Textile (New artist)
  • Sarah Stewart                 Illustration, Painting & Drawing, Printmaking, Textile
  • Sue Thomas                   Film (New artist)
  • Vaughan Trower              Violin Making
  • Natalie Vardey                Jewellery
  • Emma Varley                  Mixed Media, Printmaking
  • Emma Visca                   Painting 
  • Glenda Waterworth          Painting, Mixed Media
  • Philip Wilson                   Furniture
  • Tricia Barna                    Painting, Mixed Media (New artist)
  • Minette Bell Macdonald     Painting
  • Bella Green                    Jewellery, Painting, Mixed Media
  • Hope London                  Painting
  • Kevan McGinty                Painting
  • Suzi Plunkett                   Illustration
  • David Rushton                Scale Models, Installation
  • Davy Brown                    Painting
  • Anne Butler                    Painting 
  • Janet Ibbotson                Textile
  • Sarah Keast                    Painting, Mixed Media, Printmaking
  • Andy Priestman               Ceramics, Painting 
  • Kay Ribbens                   Hats, Textile
  • Sarah Rogers                  Jewellery
  • Lisa Rothwell Young         Jewellery
  • Dougie Sharpe                Painting 
  • Amanda Simmons            Glass
  • Alison Macleod                Jewellery
  • Peter Smith                    Wood
  • Patti Lean                       Painting 
  • Christopher Taylor           Ceramics
  • Deborah Campbell           Mixed Media, Textile (Neighbour)
  • Gail Kelly                       Printmaking, Textile (Neighbour)
  • Hannah Spicer                Ceramics (Neighbour)
  • Suzanne Stuart Davies     Painting & Drawing, Mixed Media, Textile (Neighbour)
  • Jesse Ball                      Jewellery (Springback)
  • Janet Hughes                  Textile (Springback) (New artist)
  • Jo Walker                       Ceramics (Springback)
  • Shona Guthrie                 Jewellery (Springback)
  • Kaz Robertson                Jewellery (Springback)
  • Hazel Maclennan             Glass (New artist) (Springback)
  • Iona Hall                        Jewellery (New artist) (Springback)
  • Sophie Jarzyna               Ceramics (Emerge) (New artist)
  • Izzy Leach                      Photography, Mixed Media (Emerge) (New artist)
  • Blossom McCuaig            Painting, Mixed Media (Emerge) (New artist)

About Spring Fling

  • Spring Fling is Scotland’s premier visual art and contemporary craft open studios event covering all Dumfries and Galloway, South West Scotland. It is the flagship annual event of Upland CIC.
  • Last year 74% of visitors had been to a previous Spring Fling, 26% were new, and 99% said they would come again.
  • 98% rated Spring Fling as excellent or good.
  • 57% of visitors were from outside Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Visitors spent close to £1.4 million in the region.
  • More than half Spring Fling visitors spend one night or more in the region.
  • For further details visit www.spring-fling.co.uk or contact info@spring-fling.co.uk

About Upland

Upland CIC (Community Interest Company) supports artists and makers based in, and with connections to, the region. It will delivers, events, training, networking, support and opportunities as part of a year-round programme to benefit the region, its artists, communities and economy. Upland CIC runs the annual Spring Fling contemporary visual art and craft open studios weekend in Dumfries and Galloway. It will work closely with other arts bodies in the region to further-strengthen the sector. Upland is based at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries and exists to:

  • produce and deliver festivals, events, and experimental projects of the highest quality
  • nurture an environment where artistic excellence thrives and grows
  • inspire and educate a wide range of audiences, customers and clients to understand, celebrate, be actively engaged in and supportive of visual art and craft practice
  • raise the profile of visual artists and makers locally, nationally and internationally fulfilling a crucial role in the culture and tourism of Dumfries and Galloway
  • build strategic partnerships at regional, national and international level
  • maintain a financially sound and adaptively resilient organisation
  • use, and encourage the use of, innovative and emerging digital technology
  • work to the benefit the local economy and the sustainability of local communities.

Its funders are Creative Scotland, D&G Council, The Holywood Trust, The William Grant Foundation, The Heritage Lottery Fund, ASWT, Barfill. 

Upland is very happy to help journalists. Contact us and we can set up interviews, provide pictures and photo opportunities. In some circumstances we can offer ready-written copy. For media information contact Matthew Shelley on 07786 704299 or at Mjhshelley@hotmail.co.uk or call Upland on 01387 213 218.